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Home of the Triple Tongue-in-Groove


......The only thing we overlook is the country scenery.......

-Our Weather-seal keeps the weather outside where it belongs-

We produce the log homes with the Triple Tongue & Groove seal, the log wall equivalent of the triple pane window......

... Glad you stopped by.....  In today's  maze of search engines, links, and keywords, we try to be the  company in the log home industry that is down-to earth. We hope that you like what you see here.

We manufacture a few different log styles and sizes, along with log siding and ceiling beams. We are currently producing almost  40 different types of wall logs.

....  One of these products is probably what you are looking for....


NOTICE: For those of you looking for replacement logs..............

PLEASE READ.....***We have been getting some calls for small orders of cabin logs for repairs of other companies logs. These orders are for replacement logs, and the customers are looking for a manufacturer that can match another company's log profile. Maybe that company went out of business in this economy, maybe it's not cost-effective for them to set their machines for an old pattern for just a few wall logs, or maybe the customer just bought the already constructed home, and doesn't know which company their home is from. There are many possible reasons.....We are trying to accommodate these orders, and can usually do a pretty good match of the log shape. If you are in need of a few  replacement logs to match your log profile, give us a call and we'll see if we can help. We are doing our best to help with these, and most times we can match them. We can profile about 40 different log shapes. ***



FOR 2014.........PLEASE NOTE: We sometimes have some D-style wall logs on hand, enough supply of logs to build the main 8' perimeter walls for a 30x50 ranch home. This package can be financed through us with a mortgage with a down payment. These are 7.5" x 7.5" white pine, and have a triple T&G weatherseal. This is a lineal kit, meaning you will be cutting the logs to the lengths you want for your building.

We can sell all or part of this package, or include it in a larger package of logs.  We also can supply log ceiling beams and 4x8 timber beams that can be added to the package if you are putting up a two-story or a loft cabin. Price of the 30x50 ranch is $16,600, shipping will add no more than $1000, and you must also pay the sales tax. With an approx.  $5,000 down payment, it's possible you can finance the remainder. Call if interested, at 315-529-0987.

Company Objective

Our Objective is to provide a good selection of good quality Log Homes.

We manufacture log homes. West Adirondack has produced log cabins and supplied log home kits for approx. 35 years. If you're interested in a year-round custom log home, a summer vacation home in the mountains, a hunting camp or fishing camp on the lake, or a large commercial log building such as a ski lodge or log motel, we've probably done it.

We produce cabin logs with a Triple Tongue-in-Groove weather seal, the log wall equivalent of triple pane windows.

Our logs are available in two standard heights, and on occasion we will manufacture special sizes for customers. Our 5.5" wide x 5.5" high cabin logs are a good choice for hunting camps and garages, and the 7.5" x 7.5"  log packages are a nice size for year-round residences. Our larger logs, the 7.5" high x 9.25"+ wide log kits, are good for the ski lodges and commercial log buildings, structures that are large enough to warrant the bigger log look.

With the different height wall logs, there is also a choice of either the D style log exterior, or the hand hewn ( hand peeled log ) exterior. There is also a variety of available widths with each height.  In addition to these choices, the interior log surfaces can be produced with either a smooth, flat surface with V-notched joints, or in the round D style, same as the D style exterior.

With these options, we  manufacture almost 40 different wall log profiles to choose from for your log structure.

Company Profile

We are an owner-operated business.....

West Adirondack Log Home Company, Inc. is located in the town of Parish, N.Y. We are north of Syracuse, about a half-hour's drive from Lake Ontario, and an hour and a half south of the Canadian border  at the Thousand Islands bridge.

Our logs are manufactured in a choice of two different heights:  5.5" and 7.5" high. Our machinery produces logs in both of these heights, in both the hand-peeled and D-style exteriors.

We use eastern white pine for our D-style logs (machine-peeled exteriors), because it is large enough in diameter to saw out the 8x8's and 8x10's for the raw material.

West Adirondack also produces log siding packages for entire houses, in the D-style exterior. These packages are also ship lapped for better weatherproofing. Our log siding can be manufactured in both the 5.5" high and the 7.5" high sizes. Some are with drip-edge, and some are without. You can view pictures of our siding on this website.

Our 48-page color catalog is an informative introduction to the industry, and along with some floor plans/models, we try to provide insights into the log drying processes (air-drying vs. kiln-drying), shipping charges, wood preservatives, weather seals, and some real advantages to purchasing lineal packages instead of precut packages. It's $7 if you're interested, and you can order one from this website.

Thanks for checking in


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